A great interview of internet policy expert and law professor Lawrence Lessig about AI, social media, the modern state of the internet and much more. A lot of food for thoughts, I could not recommend more to listen to the full conversation.

If you look at the Facebook Files, they are filled with engineers, really good engineers trying to do the right thing, trying to talk about how to make the platform safer so it doesn’t lead young girls to commit suicide or doesn’t lead to radicalism in politics. And again and again, they were overruled by people who were focused on the business model of engagement to drive profits. I think once you step back and you realize, “Wow, all of this is being fed to me for a reason, and the reason really has nothing to do with making democracy work better or helping me understand the world better — it’s all about using me for an end that is not my own end.” The AIs that are doing it are the most powerful intelligence that has ever tried to do this. It’s terrifying when you realize it because [it’s] not clear what we do about it.